Perfect Automation through Abstraction

 [Upcoming Webinar]

8th of December at 4-5 pm CET [9 am CST]

This webinar is exploring the concept of designing robust solutions. You will learn how to build automation abstraction.


In this webinar, you will gain an understanding of how to make robust Uipath solutions using the fundamental concept in computer science and software development known as Abstraction. This concept helps to create efficient solution designs, increase ease of maintenance and support of production automation,  and breaks down complex processes into smaller modules that can later be conquered.  

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In this webinar you will learn about:
  • What is Abstraction and its Historical use

  • Purpose of Abstraction

  • Abstraction used in IT and Programming

  • Abstraction in Automation Solutions - UiPath

  • Positive and Negative Aspects of Abstraction

  • Consequences of Bad Abstraction 

  • Questions/reflections 


Looking forward to seeing you there!




Dennis Singh 

Senior Developer @ AKOA 


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