Automation as a Service – The Accelerated Path to Business Efficiency

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Automation as a Service allows companies to rapidly automate business processes, increase productivity and efficiency—all without committing significant investment in technology or people. But how does Automation as a Service work? And can it work for YOUR business?

Join our webinar with UiPath on June 18th for an in-depth explanation of Automation as a Service—what it is, how it is used, and how it enables organizations to speed up their automation initiatives. Get a solid understanding of its do’s and don’ts and tap into the power of automation and robots in the cloud. 
Plus, learn how to:
  • Choose the right Automation as a Service platform, with a full understanding of the available service options 
  • Maximize the benefit of the service, scaling up or down as your business requires a clear path to ROI
  • Know the right questions to ask (both internally and externally) in order to make an informed decision 
  • Skill-build, structure and govern your organization when using Automation as a Service

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