Intelligent Process Automation

As part of our service, we offer an Intelligent Document Processing platform with the ability to automate the identification and extraction of content from documents. By connecting text extraction together with robots, we can help your organisation to effectively achieve end-to-end automation.

Intelligent Data Extraction

Natural Language Processing (NLP) automates the identification and extraction of content from unstructured documents like contracts, emails etc while OCR and Machine Learning handle semi-structured data such as bank documents. By leveraging NLP, ML and OCR capabilities together into one platform it is possible to automate the extraction of data from structured, semi-structured and complex documents. Together with other business applications such as RPA organizations can focus on customer service, cost reduction, compliance and their competitive advantage.

Data Validation and Control

Critical data fields, context, and entities are identified, validated, and automatically processed according to business rules and requirements. The system can be easily trained and uses ongoing machine learning for continuous improvements and cost control.​

Visibility into Data and Processes​

Monitoring tools and reports on key parameters, including resources, performance, and accuracy, provide process transparency and predictability while giving administrators insight to opportunities for improvement.

Multi-level Document Classification​

Automate the task of understanding, separating, and routing documents through AI-based classifiers that are trained automatically, using the latest machine learning methods. Reduce your document handling costs while accelerating the process. No more manual sorting or labelling needed.


Document Types and Definitions


By leveraging the different technologies the Intelligent Process Automation plattform can handle various types of documents. NLP is great for unstructured documents such as contracts, emails and letters. ML together with OCR can automate the extraction of both structured and semistructured data. Examples of this includes invoices, order documents, bank documents and return forms.


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