Automation and Chatbots

As part of our service, we offer chatbots; a technology with the ability to understand and respond to incoming messages. Chatbots can organize and structure data that can then be passed onto other robots (RPA) who enter the information into a system. By connecting chatbots and robots, we can effectively achieve end-to-end automation.

Caring for Customer Experience

Chatbots enhance the quality of your customer’s experience. They serve as a time efficient communication channel that delivers instant responses. With this automation, focus will shift from answering frequent and repetitive questions to tackling larger client matters. Automating this type of client interaction is a simple and effective way for you to both relieve and scale your call centers, with little human effort.

A Game Changer

Chatbots change the way we work by handling all the most common requests at once, allowing our clients and their employees to take care of the tasks that affect their business the most. Chatbot automation is a game changer.

Best In-Class Partners

Developing AI that is conversationally-skilled is challenging. That’s why we leverage multiple partners in the field to deliver the highest value possible for your business.

Making Sense of Natural Language

Most Chatbots are built on natural language understanding (NLU) technology. In addition to relieving the workload of call centers, the technology can be used in other areas to extract content from various messages such as emails, claims, or support tickets and then perform a quicker process for categorizing them.

Read about how we built an AI Chatbot for one of our clients in our blog post!

Two people looking at a computer together

Read about how we built an AI Chatbot for one of our clients in our blog post!

One of our clients had the initiative to digitize over 200 000 rules and guidelines, such as standards, manuals, and policies. Read about how we used Hyperautomation including OCR, RPA, NLP, and created finally an AI Chatbot.

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