AI in Automation

AI and automation are often used interchangeably and the meaning of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is constantly evolving. AI is viewed as being the science and engineering of making intelligent machines such as robots. Automation however, is making hardware or software that is capable of doing things automatically and without human intervention.

AI is often described as a solution for broad issues in which we expect the technology not only to recognize and solve the problems we encounter, but to do so before we are able to identify them. Situations where problems lack guidelines for being solved objectively are where AI comes into play.

At AKOA, our approach to AI is more pragmatic than most. When we encounter ambiguities in our close work with the processes, we attempt categorizing them and then use our tools to leverage our network by applying the most reliable and effective solutions.

Be One Step Ahead

If you want to get a head start with AI, here is a list of questions to consider before you begin:

Common Cases

If you want to know how your business can benefit from AI, here is a list of what it can be used for:

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Detection of fraud and compliance

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Optimization of resources

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Prediction of future staffing needs

The RPA Path to AI

Although RPA leads the way to AI, the brains of the operation, their relationship is twofold: while RPA broadens the capacity of AI by finding data in legacy and complex systems, AI can tackle complicated steps in the RPA process and extend RPA to advanced OCR, image recognition, and NLU capabilities.

Our Artificial Intelligence

Take advantage of our AI, created and run through our managed services! We provide recommendations and blueprints for AI implementation, while also using our software to create and evaluate rapid prototypes.

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