Automation Implementation

Well-designed automation solutions have the potential to impact the future of work. By freeing up time in teams, organizations, and societies at large, this is how Another Kind of Automation will help you and your company to move faster and more efficiently.

AKOA provides a high-speed and sustainable automation service with all the technologies and supplies your organization may need to maintain a successful automation journey from start to finish. These innovative technologies include Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), Test Automation, Process Mining, Chatbots, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Your Automation Journey

How to get started with Automation

To reap the benefits of automation technologies, we start small to prepare your organization for automation. We go through areas such as IT & infrastructure, governance, goal setting, and KPI measurement and develop a process methodology, guidelines and policies, and set strategic guidelines.

Educate and Engage your Organization

The next step is to educate and engage the organization and employees. The goal is to spread knowledge about automation. Once we are ready to start, we identify processes together with employees in a series of workshops according to guiding principles and automation goals, start to develop and get robots into production.

Full-Service Automation

Our long experience within RPA makes a thorough and robust automation process run smoothly in a concentrated setting. We go through a methodology with stages ranging from education, process selection, analysis, development, test, and production, all during a short and concentrated time period. All leading up to building a scalable solution and long-term automation journey.

Discover and Analyze

High-quality Automation

To set the base for high-quality automation one must emphasize phases leading up to development – in AKOA-language those are called Discovery and Analysis. If work here isn’t professionally done, it will have consequences for the quality of automation going forward.


During discovery, we continue to engage employees and analyze the automation potential within your organization. We identify focus areas and create a backlog of process candidates. At this stage, we are ready to create your first automation roadmap and estimate the size and quality of effects.


During this phase, we dig deeper into each process to understand effects, opportunities, challenges and create a business case. If targets are met, we hand them over to development.


Develop and Deploy

Long-term and value-based development

In all aspects of the development, we think long-term and value-based. Automation can only achieve real benefits by supporting the organizations long-term, with few errors and a high degree of maintainability as well as security. We guide you through all steps within the development and deployment phases with the AKOA structured development methodology, which has been defined through extensive experience within automation development. All steps have been thoroughly defined to ensure high-quality, scalability, security, and maintainability within the whole life-cycle of the automation. We help you with the development and deployment no matter if you are doing this with your team or would like to leave everything to us.

Run and Support

Maintaining your Automations

AKOA has extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to the maintenance and support of automations. We can help you during all stages whether it is license handling, optimizing automation scheduling, monitoring, or bug fixing your automations.


Engage and Scale

Stay ahead with AKOA

Technology is constantly evolving, and we always aim to help your organization to be one step ahead. As the automation initiative grows and becomes more mature the focus partly shifts to keep employees engaged and enable the organization to stay on top of new technologies. We are closely following new trends and lucrative automation techniques to offer our customers the latest and best possible automation options. Some examples of techniques we work with today to complement RPA is Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), ML (Machine Learning), and NLP (Natural Language Processing), Human in the loop, Apps, Automation hub, and process mining.


Once a project is successfully launched in one part of your organization, we can help you assess the logical next step when it comes to moving into different departments, systems and to stay connected to the people in your organization who want to learn more and take advantage of the technology. We offer education and training within automation analysis and can help to set up your CoE (Center of Excellence) within automation. For inspiration, we give presentations of the latest within automation and can get you connected to other customers who are on the same journey as you are, willing to share from their experience.

The Automation Journey

Our competence is grounded in clearing the path for process selection and evaluation. We will guide you in driving results from strategy, process pipeline, development, maintenance, and training. This is how we implement an automation solution:


Get started: 1-2 weeks

Identify your process candidates.

Validate for automation. Set the basic RPA foundation. Learn the roles and responsibilities within the automation journey. Decide and establish your infrastructure model for pilot.


Pilot: 3-4 months

Leverage from AKOA Start Service.

Work through the complete chain of automation, from identifying processes, analyze and re-design, to develop and run robots in production. Through hands-on experience and learnings, we establish a roadmap for a successful scaleup program


Scale-up: 6+ months

From the established automation knowledge, we form a business-driven Automation Plan and scale the program within the organization to support the growth of a solid organizational model

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