Automation Consulting

The Discovery and Analyze phase lay the foundation for initiating a successful Automation Journey. During this phase, AKOA runs Discovery Workshops to aid you in sourcing valuable Business Processes to Automate focusing on your desired Automation goals.

AKOA will provide you with modern automation tools and expertise to reduce any challenges in your initial implementation. 

Intelligent Automation Technology Selection

At AKOA we are intelligent automation nerds and we constantly deep dive into the latest process automation technologies with the ambition to field the best possible solutions with the most appropriate solutions architecture to fit our customers’ needs and unique respective setup.

Deployment and Automation Solutions Architecture

Consult AKOA on how you best consume the Intelligent Automation technology. Will RPA be a good solution, or should it be API additions, Back-end database integration? Do you have a cloud strategy? Do you prefer to keep solutions on-premise? Is it best to have a hybrid solution? Is this secure enough? Engage our experienced Automation Solutions Architects to find out what setup is best for your business.

Automation governance and Center of Excellence design

Even though Intelligent Automation is all about letting robots do the mundane and repetitive work and to free up time from your valued employees, they still need a governance body or a Center of Excellence to manage the progress, priorities, spend, and value-creation of your Automation Journey. Talk to AKOA’s experienced Automation specialists on how to best design or even add to an existing governance model so that your Automation initiative renders success. In the first days of Automation technology, many initiatives failed over time due to poor governance and communication around the Automation initiative.

Process Change Management

Programming robots to manage a process entirely from A to Z is a great investment and an investment that will be scrutinized by our Process Analysis Consultants. However, it is often as effective to question legacy process steps and to re-engineer parts of a process with the result in reducing the implementation cost of the automation project, increasing the level of automation, and therefore better or shorten the effects of the return of investment. Talk to us and we can share some examples of how to process re-engineering with an automation mindset can create big wins for our customers

Intelligent Automation Compliance

Engaging with automation when coupled with sensitive or personal data can often be tricky and daunting. Will this be secure enough? Legislation compliance such as GDPR as well as customers’ defined service compliances are aspects that are well-founded in our Intelligent Automation practice and AKOA Ways of working, not to mention our governance models

Key Success Factors for initiating your Automation Journey discovery phase

AKOA Academy
Process Analyst training

AKOA also offers training to educate you on how to perform 'Discovery and Analyze workshops' on your own. The training covers how to determine the suitability of processes for RPA, their complexity, and their business value.

Read more about our Process Analyst training here!

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