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The AKOAcademy

To remain competitive in a constantly changing automated world, we need to engage in lifelong learning that prepares us for the future. Read more about The AKOAcademy and our RPA developer training programs!

We believe in evolving for a world that is dramatically different from when we started. Our mission as an enterprise-ready learning resource is to prepare our society for future opportunities.

Quality Assured Training

AKOA has been an official UiPath training partner for two years. With several hundreds of automated processes developed to date, our developers and trainers have the expertise and experience to prepare you for your own automation journey. We can confidently assure our students an industry-ready training at the highest quality. AKOA is a longstanding UiPath Partner with both Diamond partnership status and Professional Services certificate.

Learn in-demand skills

With the high potential of automation, there is a great demand for RPA expertise within organizations. The AKOAcademy offers you easy-to-use materials and flexible training to become skilled in all facets of the RPA toolbox. All our programs, short courses, and workshops include elements from technologies that we believe are crucial in building well-rounded companies capable of handling your organization of the future.

Our RPA Training Programs

You can attend all our courses either on the premises or in a virtual classroom online. We offer all training in English, German and Swedish. 


UiPath RPA Developer Foundation Training

Do you want to know more about UiPath and how to develop your own robots? 

This training teaches you the basics of UiPath and its most common activities and features, combining both theory and practical exercises. It also offers an overview of the UiPath technology ecosystem and toolbox. 

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UiPath Orchestrator Training

Do you want to know more about how to manage and monitor your robots using orchestrator? 

This training is aimed at developers, support staff, and the likes who want an overview of how to monitor scripts, provision robots, and trigger jobs through the control center – UiPath Orchestrator. 

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UiPath RPA Developer Advanced Training

Building on top of the RPA Developer Foundation, this training covers how to automate more complex business processes. With two larger practical exercises, guided by our senior RPA experts you get to the nitty-gritty of RPA development. 

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UiPath RPA Process Analyst Training

This training details how to meet business requirements through RPA solutions. It also covers how to determine the suitability of processes for RPA, their complexity, and their business value. 

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Customized RPA Training

Do you have a specific topic related to RPA that you want to learn more about? With our experience working on hundreds of RPA projects on an international level, we at AKOA have developed expertise related to every part of the automation journey. Contact us, all we'll arrange customized training for your needs. 

Blog post: Educating our customers to become full-scale Process Analysts!

We have a good way of transferring knowledge to our customers, and in December 2020 we completed our first Process Analyst training in a larger setting. Two of AKOA's senior process analysts facilitated a digital full-day course together with 6 people from two of our customers. The course was much appreciated and it was inspiring for us from AKOA to take part in the discussions and exchanges of experience that arose during the day.

Read about one of our most recent graduates in our blog post!

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