The AKOA Journey

Fun rarely exists in having to repeat the same things day-on-day. Instead, variety is what makes work exciting. With that in mind, on a sunny day in October 2016, we decided to try something new. We believed people should have the opportunity to embrace and expand their creative minds rather than sit tucked away in their cubicle with little variation to their work assignments. Time is always of the essence and it was a shame to see it wasted on repetition, rather than creation.The one thought that always had our attention; what if we built a tool or product allowing us to break away from our daily routines? For this is when we can start living.

Well-designed automation solutions are not taking our jobs. If anything, they're simply taking over the mundane and tedious work we dread doing anyway
- David Påhlman

Befriending a Robot

It all began when we befriended a software robot. This is the robot that while working inside the software, feels like a companion and a colleague. A colleague you like seeing outside of work hours. This is a robot that instead of replacing our jobs, allows us to fully embrace them and their full potential. This is the robot and the point in our journey where our work with automation began.

After a small lifetime in the field, both as clients and consultants, our founders could quite clearly see a growing need for a specialist firm. Clients were looking for a company that could efficiently bridge the gap between business and IT while supporting their journey towards automation. This is when New Innovation Management was born and quickly evolved into a global leader in the realm of digital business process automation.

Being a new player on a global stage motivates us to exceed expectations to remain at the forefront of both the success of our client’s businesses and our own development.


Our passion for technology allows us to develop and give life to Another Kind of Automation.

We continue to cherish and invest our heart in every engagement, with Another Kind of Automation, or, AKOA, as our new alias. Throughout the years, we have transitioned from a start-up centered on consulting, to becoming a company supporting all aspects of our client’s automation journeys. From strategy and operating models to managed services and development, we are not only here to guide our clients but to learn with them through their experiences.

Our growth has continued on a global scale but we have never lost our passion for technology and we will continue to do things differently.

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