20 Processes Automated Within a Year: WSP

WSP is one of Sweden’s largest technical consultant agencies and works to establish an organization ready for scaling with the help of robotics.

The Initiative

AKOA, then operating as New Innovation Management, was contacted in mid-2018 to help WSP Sweden with their RPA initiative. The first part of the project ran from the fall through winter, where a total of six processes were put into continuous production, a roadmap for RPA scaling was put in place, and a tour was given in several departments to prepare the organization and spread knowledge about RPA (Robotic Process Automation). The positive feedback from employees resulted in an extensive backlog of processes they wanted automated.

WSP has been working strategically to build a sustainable and efficient business where employees deliver high-quality performance. The long-term goal is to establish an organization that can effectively handle a scale-up without increasing the burden on employees.

To achieve this, RPA was one of the innovative tools used to support and assist the employees in their work, in order to free up time for more value-creating tasks. By using RPA, AKOA (New Innovation Management) built software robots tailored to WSP's processes. These robots perform all kinds of processes that a person could normally do on their computer, such as working in Excel, counting and analyzing data, registering data in systems, building reports, and searching for information in systems or on the web. Moreover, they can complete these tasks at a much faster pace than humans.

For 2019, the project ramped up to having an additional 25 processes analyzed and out of those, 15 were chosen for automation throughout the year. A focus has been on the Finance Department, where the robots helped register and run controls on new suppliers, run reports, send reminders, manage and compile data for budget and forecasts, and remove inactive users from subscription services, to name a few.

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