Keeping track of the internal billing at Varberg municipality.

Varberg Municipality – reduces the reliability and stress on specific individuals to handle critical processes by introducing a robotic companion to the financial department.

The Initiative

Varberg Municipality started its RPA initiative in early 2018 with the purpose of removing repetitive, unsatisfactory work and increasing the quality of their processes. Many organizations within the Swedish public sector face challenges from a shortage of staff and so, RPA can play a major part of the solution. As an organization, Varberg Municipality has been quick to act on emerging technological trends like RPA. The head of the financial department, Jens Otterdahl, identified key processes early-on, where introducing RPA would make a significant improvement for the business as well as the employees involved.

Scaling Up

The pilot included two processes related to internal billing and was considered a success. The organization is currently under the scale-up phase, where additional processes have been implemented at a quicker pace and with an improved framework for governance. The people responsible for the robot’s performance and output within the financial department have been receiving daily updates from their digital companioncolleague for more than a year now. Instead of beginning each day by sorting and correcting invoices that were not accepted, the employee now has the freedom to spend their time on more important activities to improve the business. This is one of several implemented processes and Varberg Municipality is preparing for a larger scale-up in several departments. Other implemented processes handle reference codes for suppliers, scan PDFs for biller references, send data quality reminders to members of the organization, and reconcile daily important financial activities.

Two positive effects of implementing RPA are its driving force for digital transformation and its use as an optimization tool for processes often scrutinized and improved end-to-end during the analysis phase of the project.


RPA is now a well-established and appreciated tool in Varberg Municipality. Responses from the affected business representatives have evolved from initial hesitation (common when facing change) to the celebration of using RPA and receiving several new cases from all different departments within the municipality. The initial question of “Why do we need a robot to do this?” rapidly transformed into “Why don’t we use the robot to do this as well?” Varberg Municipality continues growing their RPA initiative with the assistance of AKOA while improving their work environment and expanding their ability to serve Varberg Municipality’s inhabitants more effectively.

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