An innovative solution to the increasing administrative and regulatory demands on European banks

Tackling the increasing administrative and regulatory demands on European banks with technology


Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, specializes in advising and managing the assets of numerous local and international private clients, companies and institutional investors, as well as working with independent asset managers.

The Challenge

In the wake of increasing bureaucratic and regulatory requirements for European banks, major challenges arise in unforeseen deadline-bound revisions and submissions of immense numbers of applications under great time pressure, staff shortages, and high workloads.

Often, under time pressure, many working hours have to be spent on entering and checking data preparation, printing, and sending documents.

For example, Hauck & Aufhäuser was also given a regulatory requirement by the German Federal Ministry of Finance that had to be met in the shortest possible time by a deadline. If such requirements are not met on time by BaFin, there is often a threat of extensive sanctions.

The Process


H&A and AKOA

However, Hauck & Aufhäuser reacted at an early stage. As part of the digital transformation of numerous business processes, Hauck & Aufhäuser already took a pioneering position for the implementation of modern technologies in 2019.

The bank launched a company-wide initiative to automate standardized, repetitive administrative workflows, particularly those with high workloads and short processing deadlines. A team of experts from AKOA advised Hauck & Aufhäuser on the many ways to automate business processes, drawing on its many years of expertise and experience in RPA and OCR.

The team developed, tested, and implemented the robots and monitored the successful operation of the solutions. Now the process robots implemented by AKOA take over a wide variety of administrative tasks at the private bank Hauck & Aufhäuser: Asset overviews are created and printed automatically, status certificates of investment funds are requested for the Federal Ministry of Finance, Deutsche Börse data is extracted and utilized, and payments are managed.

Which concrete improvements was achieved?


Hauck & Aufhäuser now runs no risk of missing filing deadlines in the automated areas. A large number of documents can be created in a very short time at the touch of a button with the help of the robots. The man-hours thus gained are now used for more complex, strategic tasks or for helping to automate repetitive workflows. With the help of development based on the dual control principle, i.e. data input by one robot and data verification by another, incorrect entries are also avoided.

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