EatHappy implemented a virtual employee to support production planning


EatHappy stands for handmade sushi & Asian specialties. EatHappy can be found in shop-in-shop solutions in more than 650 supermarkets in Europe. In Austria alone, EatHappy operates over 35 shop-in-shop locations and well over 500 EatHappy display units, which are supplied with fresh, hand-rolled sushi from two commercial kitchens every day.

In addition to diverse sushi variations, EatHappy offers a variety of Asian specialties, such as Poké Bowls, side salads, and sweet mochi - always fresh. Fresh sushi should be easy and fast! Eat happy - be happy!

"As experts on sushi and other Asian specialties, we know exactly how to deliver: we attach the utmost importance to impeccable product quality; when it comes to freshness, we don't make the slightest compromise. We combine perfect craftsmanship and sushi expertise with passion and dedication. And we give everything to inspire you every day again with exciting flavor combinations."

Florian Bell, CEO at EatHappy to go Austria & Slovakia



"The simplification of planning and coordination of the production, regardless of whether it is a weekday or a weekend, is essential so that production can start on time.

By using the first virtual employee, we are directly supported. I am absolutely thrilled of the speed of implementation, communication and reliability."

Florian Bell, CEO at EatHappy to go Austria & Slovakia


The Process


AKOA and EatHappy


Since EatHappy is committed to the careful use of fresh and sustainable food, precise planning is required, especially in production. At the same time, it is time-consuming to coordinate all recipes, raw materials, and transport chains. 


"This is where we developed an Automation solution, and at the same time created relief for our employees. We came across AKOA Austria and were able to hand over this process to a virtual employee."

Florian Bell, CEO at EatHappy to go Austria & Slovakia

Which concrete improvements was achieved?

Hours saved

The complete implementation from idea to the commissioning, including the process analysis and simplification, as well development and production were carried out in only two weeks.

The creation and control of the production lists is a time-critical task, which kept one employee busy for about 20 hours per week, 1040 hours per year!

With the Automation in place, the focus is back on EatHappy's core activities, making sure that their products are available on time for the customers, and no longer on the time-consuming reconciliation of lists. 

If the virtual employee identifies discrepancies when creating the lists, predefined employees are automatically informed so that they can intervene directly.

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