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Here we would love the opportunity to share with you the experiences our clients have had. Hear their stories and get inspired to start your own!

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Digitalization and automation in the tourism industry - from manual to robotic processes at a tour operator

Since its foundation in 1983, the FTI GROUP has developed into Europe's third-largest tour operator. With 12,000 employees worldwide, the group is represented in around 20 countries and at over 40 locations. Together with its versatile subsidiaries, FTI Touristik GmbH offers travel experiences to more than 120 countries. In addition to package and building-block tours, the range of products includes short-term and last-minute offers, individual and luxury travel, self-drive tours, and city and long-distance trips.

Read more about how AKOA helped FTI Touristik GmbH

BayWa established a Centre of Excellence with AKOA

In line with the motto "United for success", BayWa has created the basis for standardized automation within the Group in cooperation with AKOA. At the same time, the project has revealed an enormous potential for RPA in various specialist areas.

Read more about how AKOA helped BayWa

An innovative solution to the increasing administrative and regulatory demands on European banks

In the wake of increasing bureaucratic and regulatory requirements for European banks, major challenges arise in unforeseen deadline-bound revisions and submissions of immense numbers of applications under great time pressure, staff shortages, and high workloads.

Read about how AKOA helped Hauck und Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG

EatHappy implemented a virtual employee to support production planning

The complete implementation from idea to production was carried out in only two weeks.

The creation and control of the production lists is a time-critical task, which kept one employee busy for about 20 hours per week, 1040 hours per year!

Read about how AKOA helped EatHappy

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies scale their Automation Initiatives with AKOA

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, as a leading supplier of advanced materials for customers working on automotive, industrial, and alternate drivetrain applications and as a leader of their market in sealing applications, has the mindset to accelerate and optimize their internal processes globally by automation technologies. Their target is to save time from manual repetitive tasks and instead, create room for their employees to bring more value to the company.

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How KfW ensured liquidity during the Corona crisis by implementing RPA

With the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, a special project was initiated to quickly develop and run a robot that was launched in cooperation with KfW and AKOA.

Read about KFW
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Länsförsäkringar Stockholm makes innovative use of RPA to speed and simplify claims processing.

Länsförsäkringar Stockholm makes innovative use of RPA to speed and simplify claims processing, supporting its strategy of excellent customer experience.

Read about Länsförsäkringar

Keeping track of the internal billing at Varberg municipality.

Varberg Municipality – reduces the reliability and stress on specific individuals to handle critical processes by introducing a robotic companion to the financial department.

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Scaling up RPA at Sweden’s largest Forest Owners Association.

Södra Skogsägarna is already an industry leader when it comes to digital transformation and works to reduce repetitive and boring work with the help of robotic companions.

Read about Södra Skogsägarna

20 Processes Automated Within a Year: WSP

WSP is one of Sweden’s largest technical consultant agencies and works to establish an organization ready for scaling with the help of robotics.

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