Top 5 Automation and RPA Use Cases to support Home Office

by Tim Dickemann on RPA 5 min
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Working remote brings new challenges. Here are our top 5 Automation and RPA use cases to support and relieve you when working from home!

1. Automated log-in 

Challenge: Users connected via VPN often get a timeout due and then need to re-open and re-login all their programs (SAP, Dynamics, Oracle, etc.). 
Solution: Attended bot does all the startup activities and gives the user a ready-to use environment. 

2. Prepare for home office 

Challenge: High manual effort to prepare a worker for home office (VPN access registration, etc.).  
Solution: A robot can perform home office inquiries to speed up the process and enable all workers to work in a safe environment. 

3. Access rights to updates 

Challenge: Home office often needs updated access rights. 
Solution: A robot can decide which users need what type of access and automate the roll out like distribution of keys, notification to users, usage tracking.  

4. Short-time work tracking and reporting 

Challenge: Companies currently working in short-time working models need to report to state agencies in order to get financial support.  
Solution: A Robot can read time records from HR system, calculate financial support request and fill templates for reporting to agencies.  

5. Peak operations support 

Challenge: Workers working from their homes see unprecedented peaks in operational tasks due to COVID-19, e.g. in deferral inquiries or support applications. 
Solution: A robot can help automate high frequency checks and activities (e.g. checking an inquiry and entering it into the core system) helping to get the work done as soon as possible. 


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