AKOA's robot keeps you up-to-date with the latest COVID-19 rules

by Michelle Ackermann on Stories 5 min
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Even in arguably the most confusing times that we have ever experienced, there is one constant that always keeps us grounded : our RPA-robots - in our case called the “HR-Corona-Bot“.

During these persistently challenging times, it is difficult to keep up to date with the latest Corona figures and the associated current regulations. So how do you ensure, especially from an HR perspective, that every employee is up to date with the right information and knows exactly how he or she should behave while on the job?


The Initiative

This is where our new HR-Corona-Bot comes into play!

With the help of our German HR manager, Laura Rohe, and our new colleague, Julian Bergner, we have built our first HR-Corona-Bot and can now offer all employees the transparency and care they need to get through these difficult times together and stay healthy in the process. Through automation, the bot provides a reliable source of information for everyone.


What does the HR Corona Bot do?

  • Every day, the bot downloads the current corona figures of the cities where AKOA has offices, such as incidence and infection values.
  • To ensure reliable results, the bot is based on the official figures of the RKI, the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, which continuously records the current COVID-19 situation and evaluates the information and estimates the risk for the population in Germany.
  • If the figures change, each AKOA employee receives an informative e-mail. The e-mail contains a table with the current values, a threat classification - from green to dark red - and applicable rules for the respective office in which they are located. 

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RPA can create benefits for our health

With AKOA's new HR-Corona-Bot, every employee now has the same, trustworthy and transparent information to answer the following questions and start the new day safe and sound.

  • Should I work from home or can I go to the office?
  • What do I have to consider in my local office?
  • How many people can I be in the same room with?
  • May I work at my client's office?
  • and many more…


Do you want to know more about the possibilities with RPA, or do you have your own ideas?

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