RPA Example: Onboarding and Offboarding employees

by AKOA 2 min
Three pictures in one. Left picture is an employee at AKOA talking. Top right corner two employees at AKOA are talking to each other. Down left corner two employees are sitting by a desk in front of a computer, working together.

Let the robots take over so that you can focus on more value-adding activities! Many people come to work facing mundane and repetitive tasks with little to no reward. Why not let that task be automated? In that way you can focus on more valuable activities that a robot cannot do.

One common application of RPA is when onboarding and offboarding employees. When a new recruit is to join a company, several different systems usually need to be updated. An email account needs to be set up, salary information recorded, etc. As the process usually looks very similar every time, this is a perfect process to automate using RPA and let a script do this instead of manual workforce.

RPA Example On-boarding and Off-boarding employees


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