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 24 MIN

RPA and Automation in the Public Sector

As a player entering the global stage of digital Automation, we find it essential to prioritize the efficiency and quality of work we do for all our ...

by Erik Claesson
 5 MIN

Top 5 Automation and RPA Use Cases to support Home Office

Working remote brings new challenges. Here are our top 5 Automation and RPA use cases to support and relieve you when working from home! 1. Automated ...

by Tim Dickemann
 3 MIN

Hacking our way through the COVID-19 crisis

Last Sunday we at AKOA took a part in the 48-hour competition Hack The Crisis. To quote Hack for Sweden: “The new COVID-19 virus is testing our ...

 1 MIN

How Robots can save time

Need more hours in the day? At AKOA, we can help you minimize repetitive and boring tasks in order to maximize time for the more value-creating ...