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 5 MIN

AKOA's robot keeps you up-to-date with the latest COVID-19 rules

Even in arguably the most confusing times that we have ever experienced, there is one constant that always keeps us grounded : our RPA-robots - in ...

by Michelle Ackermann
 3 MIN

Can a robot help you out when all you need is a Swedish fika?

Let us cheer up your day with one of our funniest automation stories! Did you know that a "fika" is the Swedish word for a coffee break, or wait.. ...

by Ahed Hamzé
 3 MIN

AKOA is now UiPath Service Network (USN) partner

We are so proud to be the first Professional Services Certified partner in the EMEA. AKOA is thereby a part of the UiPath Service Network (USN), an ...

 1 MIN

We believe in Teamwork!

  At AKOA, we strongly believe in teamwork and we see it as a necessity for us to keep developing. Everyone is contributing to the Automation Journey ...