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 1 MIN

How Robots can save time

Need more hours in the day? At AKOA, we can help you minimize repetitive and boring tasks in order to maximize time for the more value-creating ...

 3 MIN

Employ a robot for A1 form administration and stay EU compliant

Keeping pace with the requirements of regulations and laws is a major challenge for companies. Many of them require heavy manual labor and repetitive ...

by Andreas Obermair
 2 MIN

RPA Example: Onboarding and Offboarding employees

Let the robots take over so that you can focus on more value-adding activities! Many people come to work facing mundane and repetitive tasks with ...

 1 MIN

Join Our Journey at AKOA!

Why wait to automate? At AKOA, we want your creativity in automation to thrive! Together, we work towards new and innovative ideas, ensuring your ...