Let the Robots Save the Planet!

by Frida Kjidderö 4 min
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Automation provides many opportunities to change the way we work. The effect of introducing automation to perform repetitive manual labor is not only restricted to creating a more stimulating and effective work environment – it also facilitates a friendlier environment.

Many of these improvements can efficiently develop and create business value and positively impact several metrics of sustainability such as organizational carbon footprints and waste reduction. In addition, enhancing process accuracy can save time and resources while also having the potential to decrease carbon emissions. Overall, these improvements can greatly impact sustainability efforts, especially with the support of technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Below are examples of how robots can positively take over to not only create a better future, but to be the future:

Reduce Waste

Excessive food waste can be reduced in school cafeterias by generating daily reports that track how many students are absent which can then automatically adjust how many portions of a recipe need to be made. The robot can autonomously and effectively generate these reports without human intervention, saving the employees time to complete other tasks. This type of tracking system can be used in more than just large school cafeterias; it also has the potential for use in diners, hospitals, retirement homes, hotels, to name a few!

Optimize Resources

Along with RPA’s ability to increase the quality and efficiency of work, it can also optimize container packaging and delivery which in turn can have a great impact on transport and route operations. By doing so, it reduces the risk of human error, which then reduces the number of trips employees must make.

Unleash Innovative Power

By using RPA to automate manual tasks, we can help companies free up their time and organizational resources that can then be directed towards innovative sustainability efforts. Employees can be relieved of repetitive tasks and instead focus on projects that would otherwise be put on the back burner due to lack of time and funding. With a robot handling daily business operations, your organization can thrive on the ideas and competence of your employees, overall creating an enjoyable and efficient work environment. Let the robots take over to unleash the power of innovation!


RPA is not restricted to specific business industries, areas, or tasks. Leveraging the benefits of RPA extends business opportunities beyond ROI and FTE’s.

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