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by Frida Kjidderö on RPA Stories 3 min
AKOA helps Swedish municipality

As RPA capabilities continue to expand, the possible processes to automate continues to move into new and exciting areas. Using the RPA platform Blue Prism, AKOA has automated the administrative effort of processing marriage applications at a Swedish municipality. The application process includes reading orders from the love birds, extracting all the personal information as well as information on the wedding, and fill in the information in different documents for involved parties such as the officiator to receive. It uses regular expressions to locate and verify the data from the application.

The automation uses image recognition and coordinates to properly enter the information into different PDF templates the municipality uses to file the marriage. After being entered, the document is then double-checked to make sure that the information in the document matches the input data from the application, as an extra quality gate. The documents are then sent to the officiator as well as internally in the municipality to process the filled documents.

 The time spent per transaction before the automation was 75 minutes. After automating using RPA, that time is now 5 minutes. Thus, freeing lots of time for the admin personnel to handle other tasks while speeding up the process for the beloveds to get all their papers in order for their big day.


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