Can a robot help you out when all you need is a Swedish fika?

by Ahed Hamzé on Stories 3 min
Swedish cinnamon buns

Let us cheer up your day with one of our funniest automation stories!

Did you know that a "fika" is the Swedish word for a coffee break, or wait.. Its more than a coffee break, it’s a concept of socializing while drinking coffee and eating something sweet.

16 minutes! That’s the average amount of time we put on fika each day! So you could imagine how important it is in the workplace. It’s especially important when you have long business meetings, and between business and while having a break what could be better than a fika to socialize, break the ice and gain some sugar.

When we were at a municipality’s office talking about robotic process automation, having a fika, it occurred to us - we can't be the only ones who are offered fika here.

Imagine having 1 meeting per day where you're offered fika… In just one month, that's 30 orders of fika that one employee needs to administrate. If one order takes approximately 10 minutes to internally invoice to the correct department who offered the fika, that’s about one day of work each and every month. Just to have one fika per day!

From there the idea was born; let’s automate the process and let our already deployed robot in the municipality also help out when you want to offer fika. So that’s what we did, a bot that gets all the information about the fika order in the e-services, identifies who issued the order, creates an internal invoice and sends it to the issuer of the order.


This saved an amazing one day of work for the employees to do other value creating work!



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