Employ a robot for A1 form administration and stay EU compliant

by Andreas Obermair on RPA 3 min
RPA can help you fill out the A1 form so you can stay compliant according to EU regulations.

Keeping pace with the requirements of regulations and laws is a major challenge for companies. Many of them require heavy manual labor and repetitive tasks that lead the employees astray from the path of improving the core business of the firm, to instead filling their days with administration that a robot would gladly perform instead.

A perfect job for a robot is the A1 form. Due to regulations, every company within European Union needs to provide information over upcoming travels of all employees. The A1 form is based on European Community law and concerns countries within EU/EEA and Switzerland. With businesses becoming increasingly global and employees might travel and work all across the world, it is of high importance to be aware of the legislation in the country where one is pursuing activities. The certificate is provided by a governmental institution and after being filled out is then returned for approval. If approved, the employer does not need to pay social contribution to the country in which the employee is posted but solely to the country of origin. Therefore, there is no confusion about how the employee is covered by crucial social security laws as well as where the social insurance contributions are to be paid. Thus, there are great financial incentives for this process as well as the security of knowing which social security you are entitled to.
It's difficult to fill everything out correctly and as if that's not enough, it costs a lot of valuable work time. Especially in businesses within irregular and changing environments where re-allocations of employees are common. To make it less of a hassle, we at AKOA provides the opportunity to automate applying for an A1 certificate. We provide a standardized solution where you as an employer does not need to get lost in the jungle of forms and paragraphs, but simply provides the robot with standardized information and the robot will handle the rest.


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