Educating our customers to become full-scale Process Analysts!

by Johanna Wickström on Trainings 4 min

One of AKOA's strengths is how we conduct process analysis to identify, evaluate and prepare the top process candidates for development. Over the years, we have refined our process analysis methodology and become experts within the field. Internally, some of our more senior analysts have set up and conducted internal training and courses so that everyone is familiar with the methodology. Many of our developers now have hybrid roles where they work with both process analysis and development, which has proven to be a successful concept for building robust, high-quality robots.


We want to congratulate Nicholas Hjelmberg, Susanne Andersson, Catrin Israelsson and Alexander Jendi at Systembolaget AB for passing the Process Analyst training with elegance!  


We have a good way of transferring knowledge to our customers, and in December 2020 we completed our first Process Analyst training in a larger setting. Two of AKOA's senior process analysts facilitated a digital full-day course together with 6 people from two of our customers. The course was much appreciated and it was inspiring for us from AKOA to take part in the discussions and exchanges of experience that arose during the day.


The education is divided into three parts and briefly includes the following:

  • Introduction to Process Analysis in RPA and automation projects
  • Process analysis in practice and the role of process analyst
  • Practical exercise and quiz

In order to become certified as a process analyst after the training, you must participate throughout the whole day and tick off a dozen practical steps from a checklist linked to the training.

Examples of practical elements that are included in the checklist are to facilitate an RPA analysis workshop according to established methodology and to document relevant process information. For those who need support, we from AKOA are happy to participate on these practical occasions until the future process analyst becomes more independent.

Today we are happy to announce that 4 out of 6 participants have passed both the training and the subsequent practical steps, soon all 6 will be there! We are very happy and proud that everyone has been so committed throughout the journey and completed the training with flying colors.

Looking forward to more courses in 2021!


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