Do you want to maximize the value of your Automation initiatives?

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Robotic Process Automation has seen tremendous exponential growth in the last years, being the fastest-growing software subsegment within the enterprise software market. Businesses are facing an ever-increasing stream of data that needs to be analyzed, assessed, and leveraged.

To achieve a scalable, well managed and audit-safe RPA implementation, the practices of conducting RPA projects need to mature. Automation processes and solutions emphasize the enhancement of operational efficiency and productivity for scaling to be successful in terms of value and return on investment. Therefore, the initiation of automation should be thoughtfully governed to fully utilize the possible business value.

Having developed RPA for several years, AKOA has gathered five best-practice rules to follow in order to maximize the value of your RPA development. The approach to RPA has been unchanged for too long and now is the time to rethink and evaluate our lessons learned. How do we become the best version of AKOA and ourselves? Well, we evaluate, rethink, reiterate, and start over with an improved approach. 

We hope that you enjoy the read and that you embrace our rules in your Automation Journeys going forward. 

AKOA's RPA Manifesto 1.0 is the first of several releases in our Guide on How to maximize the value of your RPA initiatives. 


Download below and enjoy the read! 



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  • Deep expertise within several different departments, such as HR, Finance, Procurement/Purchasing, IT, and Customer Service
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