Crawl Through GDPR with Ease

by Emma Valdiserri on RPA 6 min
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In recent years, talk and concern of data protection has become a popular topic, specifically in the corporate sphere where data can be mishandled or transferred incorrectly. Because of this, we gladly present to you our own GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) crawler! No need to worry about a physical robot crawling around your office desk, ha! Instead, this robot crawls through a company’s digital software, analyzing their files and documents to detect patterns that can identify clients and what data and information they are able or unable to store.

With technology advancing, companies are naturally prone to upgrade their software systems to maximize efficiency. While we strongly encourage them to do so, we believe the protection of data is essential to establish a company’s credibility and security, especially for their clients. When developing and implementing the crawler, we want to support our client’s work with GDPR (European-based laws in place to protect citizens of their data and privacy and prohibiting companies from saving information from their clients unless agreed upon) considering that all companies with any relation to Europe are impacted by GDPR. However, it is not only in Europe where we see these legal restrictions regarding storage and use of personal data. In the US, we are seeing similar regulations like with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), in which citizens have the right to know where their data is being stored and what it is being used for. Following these regulations is critical and failing to do so will result in federal penalties and consequences. That being said, our goal is to step in and reduce this risk for all companies around the globe. Data protection is a top priority when companies consider expanding and upgrading their systems. Searching through these files manually is time-consuming and at a higher risk for violation of data protection and privacy. And so, this is where our GDPR crawler comes into play!

How does it work?

Once purchased, we carefully install the crawler into the company’s software where it begins working through an infinite number of files. For example, in Sweden and other EU countries, the crawler is relevant in detecting social security numbers of clients, determining if they are clients or not. Along with crawling through a variety of file types (emails, PDFs, excel and word documents, etc.), this robot can also detect digital patterns such as names, invoice numbers or email addresses that further help identify clients and store data. Additionally, it is simple to add new files for the robot to crawl through. The crawler’s actions after having identified something like a social security number can be decided and automated. For example, a company can decide if they want the robot to remove the non-compliant GDPR cases or have them reviewed manually. Every country is responsible for overlooking its network of corporations and data handling within them. If a company uses data it does not legally have access to, it is fined. Our GDPR crawler reduces the risk of these federal fines and penalties. Along with reducing risk, the robot also relieves employees of manually scrolling through endless files and documents. It saves an abundance of company time that, in turn, can be reserved for more creative and vital matters. However, it is still important for companies to realize and consider that the crawler may come across data they do not have legal access to. 

GDPR laws are changing the way data is managed and protected in all public and private sectors. Our GDPR crawler provides quicker and simpler solutions for companies to analyze their data and we believe it can be re-used with minimum effort and at a reasonable price. Undoubtedly, time is the hottest commodity in any work environment. Our goal is to save time for our clients so they can expand their creative ideas without the worry or hassle of crossing boundaries within data regulation. 

Contact us directly if you have any more questions about what our crawler can do for you! Let us help you save what your company needs most: time!

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