AKOA receives award from WirtschaftsWoche Best of Consulting

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AKOA receives the Best of Consulting award. AKOA's logotype on the left, with and equal sign in the middle and the Best of Consulting award to the right.

Usually, our blog posts focus on our customers or technology, but this time, it's all about AKOA. We were honored with this year's Best of Consulting Award from WirtschaftsWoche - one of the most prestigious industry awards in Germany.

Our CEO DACH, Tim Dickemann, answers the question, what it takes to be Best of Consulting as such a young company?


“When you hear Best of Consulting, the first thing that comes to mind are of course the really big names. However, the evaluation is based on very strict criteria and includes, among other things, client interviews. Thus, in the end, the pure performance, i.e. how and to what extent customer problems were solved, is assessed. By using innovative technology, our broad experience in the field of process automation, and a team that was close to the customer and implemented the project in record time, we were able to stand out from the crowd in this fiercely contested competition."


We are of course very proud of this special award and would like to thank all clients and our own employees who have accompanied us up to this milestone. Our journey continues, however, and we are looking forward to many more exciting projects in which we can make organizations more efficient and successful with the help of technologies such as RPA, OCR, AI, etc., and help shape tomorrow.


What is the Best of Consulting Award?

The Best of Consulting Award is an annual competition whose aim is to identify the best consulting companies and thus to provide customers with a decision criterion in this complex field. As the number 1 business magazine in Germany, WirtschaftsWoche succeeded in establishing the competition as one of the most important awards in the country in this area which has been held for the eleventh time in 2020.


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