AKOA expands to Switzerland together with Florian Estoppey, former Automation Leader at PWC Switzerland

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Florian Estoppey

Stockholm, June 1, 2021

AKOA – Another Kind of Automation, one of the leading Automation providers, today announced their expansion to Switzerland. The expansion strengthens AKOA’s presence in Central Europe and the DACH region. Florian Estoppey, former Automation Leader at PWC Switzerland will manage AKOA’s business locally. With Florian’s extensive knowledge and experience within Digital Workforce Augmentation and Management Consulting in general, it’s with confidence we bring him onboard AKOA’s mission to jointly create the future of work to enable a more human world.


“Workforce Augmentation technologies have seen an enormous growth the past few years, and I think this is only the beginning! Switzerland is an interesting market where I still see lots of potential. While some companies are starting to scale, others are only just testing the potential these technologies can have. And only very few companies are truly harnessing the full potential that these technologies can offer. AKOA has successfully deployed Process Automation technologies for several prominent organizations around the world and has a very focussed and specialized offering and I am very excited to take this to the Swiss market! I think we will be able to offer a unique value proposition that does not yet exist and that will truly help our clients to accelerate and scale their automation programs.” – says Florian Estoppey, GM AKOA Switzerland


"Expanding to Switzerland is a natural step for us, enabling local professional Process Automation Services to all DACH countries. Process Automation has the ability to enhance productivity and drive great efficiency. With our extensive knowledge and experience within the area, we are very excited to deliver local high-quality Automation Technologies and Services to the Swiss market." - says Tim Dickemann, General Manager at AKOA DACH


About AKOA

We shape future organizations with new technology! At AKOA, or Another Kind of Automation, we provide business process automation through technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), virtual assistants, AI chatbots, and artificial intelligence (AI), Test Automation, and Process Mining. The possibilities have never been greater to develop simple and streamlined businesses and we support all aspects of our client’s Automation Journeys. From strategy, organization, change management, defining centre of excellence (CoE) and operating models, to process identification and analysis, robot development, onsite and online RPA training, and our much-appreciated AKOA Automation Cloud, a full-service Automation-as-a-service offering supporting clients with both cloud-sourced automation technology as well as production and maintenance of developed robots. We are not only here to guide our clients, but to learn together with them, through their experiences. Let the robots take over repetitive tasks so you can embrace the creativity your company deserves!


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