AKOA expands into Austria by Acquiring Workanizer GmbH

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Stockholm, January 5, 2021

AKOA AB, one of the leading Automation providers, today announced the acquisition of Workanizer GmbH. The acquisition further strengthens AKOA’s presence in Central Europe and the DACH region. Workanizer GmbH, which from now on will be AKOA Austria GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AKOA.


We are thrilled to have the Workanizer team join AKOA and our mission to become the world’s leading player in digital workforce augmentation. Expanding into Austria from our fast-growing business in Germany is a natural step in our strategy and finding such a like-minded and talented team in Vienna makes this business transaction all the more exciting for the entire team. Together we will enable more companies in Austria to reap the benefits from our complete automation services offering - says David Påhlman, CEO AKOA


Having built the German operation since 2018 it felt natural for us to expand our footprint in DACH and Austria has been on our list for some time. Striking a relationship with Andreas felt good from day 1 and I am confident that he is the right man together with his team to lead our Austrian venture and to continue to spread the AKOA gospel in process automation – says Tim Dickemann, SVP & GM DACH, AKOA


When Ricarda and I set out and started Workanizer we chartered a mission to become the leading automation provider in Austria and when we met with AKOA we found a like-minded team and a way to accelerate our journey and be part of a larger journey from the outset. With AKOAs experience and complete service offering we are excited to continue to build our footprint in Austria – says Andreas Schmelzer, CEO Workanizer


About Workanizer

Workanizer GmbH is a full-service process automation consultancy founded by Andreas Schmelzer and Ricarda Nadler, which supports its clients from idea to implementation, and even further by offering a fully managed service for automated processes. Workanizer GmbH has successfully operated in the Austrian market and served its clients by implementing virtual assistants to get rid of tedious tasks. Throughout different industries, from production companies, such as EatHappy to go Österreich, to tax consultants, activities at the computer were fully automated and the employees were freed to perform more qualitative and meaningful tasks.


About AKOA

We shape future organizations with new technology! At AKOA, or Another Kind of Automation, we provide business process automation through technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), virtual assistants, chatbots, and artificial intelligence (AI). The possibilities have never been greater to develop simple and streamlined businesses and we support all aspects of our client’s automation journeys. From strategy, organization, change management, defining centre of excellence (CoE) and operating models, to process identification and analysis, robot development, onsite and online RPA training, and our much-appreciated AKOA Automation Cloud, a full-service Automation-as-a-service offering supporting clients with both cloud-sourced automation technology as well as production and maintenance of developed robots. We are not only here to guide our clients, but to learn together with them, through their experiences. Let the robots take over repetitive tasks so you can embrace the creativity your company deserves!


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