eBook: A holistic approach for the future RPA market

by Andreas Schmelzer on Ebook Release 6 min
Robot and human in the loop

Tools evolve over time, why are we still using process automation within the same limitations?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools and other Automation technologies are enablers to solve a kind of pain, or achieve something, which we couldn’t do without them in a more efficient way. RPA is basically a software robot, utilizing the user interface of existing Software like any worksheet tool, ERP, or legacy systems to automate repetitive and mundane tasks. It is easy to use and meant for the business user, with several roles and professions needed to scale RPA. 

With the development of organizational structures for RPA and the RPA tool development, everything should be ready to scale Automation efforts. But there some have experienced quite some challenges to scale RPA and get the organization to broaden their Automation scope and adding more tools to their automation toolbox. This comes with the need of changing the way of working and allowing a bot, or virtual buddy, to take on your tasks.

Over time the RPA organizations have developed different approaches. Most of the time a Center of Excellence is used nowadays, while there are also more centralized or decentralized implementations. While organizational development has happened, most of the time developing a clear RPA vendor strategy have not evolved.


In this eBook we cover the different approaches, using a single or a combined vendor approach, and decision criteria’s for your organization to consider. Download your copy of the eBook by filling in your details here:




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