Getting Started with Automation

Well-designed automation solutions have the potential to impact the future of work. By freeing up time in teams, organizations, and societies at large, this is how Another Kind of Automation will help you and your company to move faster and more efficiently.

AKOA provides a high-speed and sustainable automation service with all the technologies and supplies your organisation may need to maintain a successful automation journey from start to finish. These innovative technologies include Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

RPA is the start of your Automation journey


RPA is the start of your Automation journey

RPA’s digital, structured, and rule-based processes give you the power to knock down age-old limitations and pitfalls of business processes.

Not sure what that means? Read more about RPA.

RPA Pilot


RPA Pilot

Begin with a pilot and assess the situation. We’ll start small and gradually spread your success to definitive targets on a highly-developed automation roadmap, without the pressure of a long-term commitment. Change can take time and along with patience, requires effort. With the help of the pilot, you are able to better understand the Automation of simpler processes. In turn, allowing you to see the value before implementing more complex functions.

Tackling Challenges Together


Tackling Challenges Together

Building scalable IT while engaging the business and driving automation is a challenge, requiring experience and the ability to multitask. That’s why we prefer to tackle these challenges together. Using our technologies, we’ll set up workflows that enable your business to deliver more in less time.

The Automation Process

Our competence is grounded in clearing the path for process selection and evaluation. It’s at this point that we will guide you in driving results from strategy, the processing pipeline, development, and training. This is how we implement an automation solution:



Develop an understanding of what RPA and its processes can do for your organization while identifying process candidates for further analysis.



Collect information about the objectives of the process, as well as what effects and pressure points it may have. Identify the goal of Automation and desired results (CPI).



The process is carried out at an expert and detailed level in order to effectively fulfil its objectives and requirements. Decisions for the scope of the process are determined.



Once the scope is determined, the process is described in detail through a Process Definition Document (PDD), where all configurations are documented. The PDD is then approved and signed by the process owner and built into the robot script.

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