Now your process is in production and the focus is to keep your employees and robots happy and productive in a reliable workforce trusted by your business.

Maintaining Automation

Many organizations struggle with high maintenance costs and a lack of trust in their digital workers. Robots may fail due to incompatible robot code or a general lack of scoping and understanding the process correctly. Quite often the robots are working on their own without clear ownership and control. Our service builds in a light governance model adapted to your needs.

Maintenance is a necessary evil. As volume grows, your automation demands increase with higher complexity and the need for tougher processes to be automated. To succeed, automation requires an efficient and scalable maintenance service. Keeping the robots happy is not a simple task and doing so yourselves pulls time and focus away from scaling and realizing the true value of automation.

AKOA’s automation as a service ensures that as your business broadens its automation capacity. Your processes will be monitored by our competent support team. Our service provides access to reliable frameworks over time, ensuring continuous value-creating robots.

Our Maintenance Services

The quality of a process is examined in our onboarding system before entering the service. Has the process undergone hypercare? Is it designed and developed according to our methodology? Is it documented for maintenance purposes? If yes, we are ready to go.

The delivery of our maintenance services, including support and platform, is standard and follows the ITIL framework. We deliver according to the agreed services of your process needs while also supporting your local operating hours. 


Our Help Desk is Here to Assist
Robots are continuously monitored by our support service team, striving to proactively solve problems before they arise. All incidents are reported to our ticket system, where they are resolved and then disclosed to our clients according to the different service level agreement timeframes.

We are here to oversee:
-Reported incidents
-Schedule changes
-Starting and stopping of robots
-Termination of processes.


If incidents reoccur, their root cause is thoroughly analyzed and reported back to our developers and you. Any changes to the robot code must follow our development methodology. You can always follow the status of an incident through our support portal


Our maintenance services prioritize your ability to build and strengthen your business as we handle the action behind the scenes to ensure the success of your automation journey.

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