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In order to remain competitive in a changing automated world, you need to engage in lifelong learning that prepares businesses and today’s humans for the future. Read more about The AKOA Academy and our different RPA developer training programs!

For close to a decade, we’ve produced industry experts that have gone on to challenge convention, lead industries and achieve both locally and on an international scale. We believe in evolving for a world that is dramatically different from when we started and our mission as an enterprise-ready learning resource is to prepare humans for the opportunities of the future.

Quality Assured Training

Quality Assured Training

After two years of being a UiPath Official Training Partner and our longstanding partnership with UiPath on several client projects, we at AKOA are certain that you will receive industry-ready training of the highest quality. Our certified trainers ensure that you get the right support for your RPA learning.

Learn in-demand skills

Learn in-demand skills

RPA expertise is in high demand, and The AKOA Academy offers you easy-to-use materials and accessible training to become skilled in all facets of RPA. All our programmes, short courses and workshops include elements from all technologies we believe are crucial to building well-rounded beings capable of handling what the future brings. Here is a basic idea of the learning resources we offer:

Our RPA Training Programs

You can attend all our courses either on the premises or in a virtual classroom online. We also offer all training in English, German or Swedish. 

UiPath RPA Developer Foundation Training

Just starting your RPA-journey or simply curious what it is all about? Then this training is for you! Combining both theory and practical exercises, this training teaches you the basics of UiPath and its most common activities and features. It also offers an overview of the UiPath technology ecosystem. 


UiPath Orchestrator Training

This training is aimed at developers, support staff and the likes, that want an overview of how to monitor scripts, provision robots and trigger jobs through the control center – UiPath Orchestrator. 


UiPath RPA Developer Advanced Training

Building on top of the RPA Developer Foundation, this training covers how to automate more complex business processes. With two larger practical exercises guided by one of our senior RPA experts you get to the nitty gritty of RPA developing. 


UiPath RPA Business Analyst Training

This training details how to meet business requirements through RPA solutions. It also covers how to determine the suitability of processes for RPA, their complexity and their business value. 


RPA General Training

Have a specific topic related to RPA that you want to learn more about? Through our experiences working with RPA projects on an international level, we at AKOA have gathered information relating to every part of the business automation chain. Get in touch and we’ll see what we can arrange for you.

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