We are AKOA. Another Kind of Automation.

AKOA is the leading automation pure-play that leverages the benefits of Intelligent Automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to shape the organizations of the future.

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Time to let the Robots take over!

You would not be the first to think our robots accompany you at your desk! Take a minute to learn from our experts about what we and our software robots do at AKOA within automation to improve your work experience. Whether it be chatbots, GDPR or process development, all processes can be automated. Make automation your reality!

NEW Innovation Management becomes AKOA

NEW Innovation Management becomes AKOA

You know what they say: ‘Out with the old, in with the new’. For us it’s more like ‘out with NEW, in with the new’! From September 2019, we are AKOA, previously known as NEW Innovation Management. We still share the same vision to shape future organizations with automation technologies, we just felt our look should reflect our ambition and our continuous speed forward more. Same company. New wardrobe. Join us on our journey!

Who we are


Who we are

We are obsessed with human ingenuity and the automation journey. With technology by our side, the possibilities have never been greater to develop simple and streamlined businesses. We believe that well-designed automation solutions have the potential to positively impact the future of work and enable a more human world. Want to get to know us on a more human level?

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How automation can benefit your business

Reduce your costs

People have to go home at the end of the work day whereas robots can work 24/7 increasing your production rate.

Reduce human error

No matter how efficient your workforce is, human error is inevitable. Automation can limit these errors during the business process.

Accelerate your growth

Automation means your business will be optimised for fast development and designed to deliver return on investment quickly.

Raise workforce morale

Automation enables your workforce to do more specialised tasks suited to their interests which improves their mood and overall productivity.

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We may employ robots to help us do tasks around the office, but we personally read and reply to every message we receive. If we haven’t answered all of your questions yet let’s chat.

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Client Stories

Here we would love the opportunity to share with you the experiences our clients have had. Hear their stories and get inspired to start your own!

Södra - One of our Clients
We view this as a step towards freeing up time for more interesting tasks, being able to recruit qualified personnel, and to increase employee satisfaction.
- Cristian Brolin
CDO Södra Skogsägarna

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At AKOA, we are at the center of digital change and are constantly moving towards new innovations.

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We may employ bots to help us to do some tasks, but we personally read and reply to every message we receive. Haven’t answered all of your questions yet?